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Imitation Colored Jade

This is my first tutorial, so be gentle. I was following another tutorial
for making imitation jade and didn't like the way it looked.
So I tweeked it.

Things to keep in mind about your Jade mix:
* When you see "TINT" use a VERY small amount of color at first, if wanted then add more. 
Once it's added you can't take it out

	*You want your mix to be translucent, so use a very 
little bit of color to tint your piece

	*Jade is mostly green, purple, yellow or orange, but that 
shouldn't stop you from making it blue or pink or what ever you want.

Materials used:

  1. 2-3 oz. of translucent polymer clay.(I used Premo™clay)
  2. 4 different colors; I used white, black, green and yellow (just a pinch of each!)
  3. Fine cheese grater
  4. fine slicing blade such as a Nublade© or tissue blade
  5. pasta machine to mix clay(optional)
  6. 1. Condition translucent a lot to help cause plaquing.

    2. Divide the translucent into 5 unequal pieces (Golden dollar, quarter, nickle, dime, M&M =o} )


    3. Tint the smallest piece of trans. with white(accent color)

    4. Tint the next size ball with yellow


    5. Tint the next ball with green and (a touch of) black.

    6. Tint the next ball with with a mix of black, green and white.

    7. Tint last and largest ball with a touch of green to give it a slight green look.

    8. Roll the balls into cylindars and put into freezer for about 20 minutes.

    9. Take them all out of the freezer. Chop all but the white into small pieces.Take the white and grate it finely. Freezing the clay makes this easier.

    10. Toss the colors together and them mush the mess together.

    11. Chop, mix & mush again.

    12.At this point, I cut off a thin piece and bake it in a preheated 275 degree oven for 15-20 minutes to see how I like the colors. Throw it into some ice water and wait. The ice water dip(some say) makes the translucent more translucent.


    13. If you like the way it looks, stop here and go have a cup of tea. If you aren't happy with it, go to step 14.

    14.Not happy? This may look a bit scarey after all the time we took chopping and mushing, but keep going... Grab your clay wad and pull it apart a few times. After a few pulls, mush it back together so that you don't get too much of a marbled look.

    15. Pull and mush until you are happy with the look of it. Make a slice every once in a while(no need to cure every one of them) to see the cross- section. Make sure not ot pull and mush too much or you will mix it all together and lose the subtle colors of jade


    15. Enjoy.

    Any problems, suggestions and comments can be sent to me.